What I'm Craving

As I've said before, some people crave food, I crave furniture. This past month I got my Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams catalog in the mail and I've been trying to find the perfect lamp to go on my nightstand with my new bedset. I decided I'm going to paint my walls this great gray-brown color called Sticks and Stones from Sherwin or a more gray-purple that is light and almost metallic. Haven't figured that color out yet. Either way, I have my heart set on this lamp, and I must find a cheaper version cause this one is $325 and that's out of my budget. We also might need to find a couch for my new apartment {?} so...I am contemplating Ikea or just taking my brother's old couch, which is just a white one and reupholstering it. Not sure yet.
What do you think of the lamp?
Any good couch suggestions? It's my first post-college apartment and I'd really like to NOT have a futon...

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