Things I'm Loving [May]

I'm loving the idea of painting the inside of closets as a great way to bring that 'pop' of color and interest. This is especially great if you don't want to make a huge change to your house, or are afraid of color. If you are more daring and bold, I say the cerulean blue and orange are vibrant and beautiful and a welcome addition with Summer on the way! Bring on the popsicle stick colors!

Recently I've had a lot of clients and customers come into the store asking what to do with the areas of their walls that recede back, like those in this picture. Filling them with wallpaper, especially Sherwin Williams ;) and dishes or art, is a great way to draw the eye in and add interest that is aesthetically pleasing-without breaking the bank.

Again, love the bright colors. I'm not usually one for painting floors, but I love the contrast between the bold white floor and the graphic print in the rug. I'm also a huge fan of those gilded gold frames, again filled with wallpaper and the mixing of the different colored frames. This adds a unique individuality to your home, especially when the frames are not just filled with pictures.

This picture actually inspired me to go on a hunt on tonight, I love to go on the 'Free' and 'Furniture' sections in all of the different cities and see what cool finds I can come up with, how much they are and really envision what they could be. Keep your eye out for that entry tonight!

I'm loving the contrast of the clear chair, white bed and the bright pops of orange in the pillow and the dinner tray on the dresser. It's all about the mix this year and I love how this room exemplifies that.
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