Check out this incredible apartment!

Normally I will spend hours browsing looking for unique rooms, pictures, ideas and inspiration. I always wish I could find a room or an apartment/house that really fufills what I want in a house or is similar to my design aesthetic and I think I've finally found one! Here it is! It's from Natalie Walton of Austrailia. I love how she uses unique accessories, multiple picture frames and bright pops of color, three elements of design this year that I've really fallen in love with. I didn't identify with her entire house, but it's pretty amazing. (All images from
Love the granny smith apple green and white combo! It reminds me of elementary school, but a more fresh and updated version of it.

I'd probably replace the 'N' with a 'B' for my last name, but the blue and silver, combined with the red looks fresh instead of primary.

The choice of wood for this piece was fantastic, I love the look next to the paint color.

What a neat idea for a door!

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