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We chatted with interior designer Mark Langos, of, about the beautiful home he designed that we featured in our May issue. Here, he continues his thoughts about interior design and what makes for a great living space. What's the first thing you thought about when you began this project? There are several factors I take into consideration, but it all comes down to the needs of the client. For this house, my clients have very hectic lives and wanted a calming space to relax and unwind. In the large living room, they often entertain both on an intimate and large scale. Dividing the room into distinct spaces that can function independently or as one was key.My clients love to play games (cards, board games) so it was imperative that I include a games table in their home. They can play a game at the table in the center of the space and enjoy the larger area surrounding them, relax with a great book or cocktails by the fire, or entertain a bigger group using all portions of the room (even opening up the doors to include the outdoors). What's the best way to stay on budget? Paint is really the most cost effective way to transform a space. Consider the color in the space with morning, afternoon and evening light, as each will change the color's intensity and shade. It is a good idea to paint a 12" x 12" swatch on the wall to see. Use a minimum of 2 to 3 coats of paint to properly cover and convey the correct color of the swatch. Another trick is to tape sheets of white paper around the perimeter of the swatch this way you are not looking at color against the existing wall color. For those who are able to spend a little more money, I am using more and more wallpaper in my work. It is a great alternative to paint; it adds texture, depth and can even change the scale of a room. What are the best "investment" items? Invest in quality upholstered pieces. They are something that will be with you for a long time. I also believe that large pieces in a room should remain neutral. It is much easier to change out the pillows and throws than to reupholster your sofa. A good piece of furniture can easily have many lives by updating accents and accessories or simple reupholstery. I think that successful design (and real life) is a mixture of elements within a space. Most rooms I design contain a mixture of elements from custom designed pieces to great retail finds ranging in price high to low. It is inevitable that the less-expensive accessory gets commented on because it is in a well edited, cohesive environment and sitting on a beautiful table.

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When you’re choosing an interior designer whose style is French style home décor, your first decision is how authentic your want the décor to be. Some want every detail picture-perfect; while others want a hint of French in the fabrics, furniture or accessories. Whether your idea of French style is formal or country, part of the fun is knowing where to shop and how to get the most style for your dollar. If you’re interested in antiques, then your best buy will be at auction; if style is more important than provenance, you’ll have a world of choices. My only suggestion: instead of being slavish, adapt French style to your style. Designer Previews will show you the work of many of the finest designers of French style home décor and help you compare their styles in relation to your needs.

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this design looks elegant because this design moroccan furniture home decor use concept simple design but have art design. and this design is nice for home decor

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Here is a special post. Recently, i got to know a New friend from Ireland A beautiful lady interior designer and Decorator- Danielle Mac Innes from the Internet. She was browsing the Internet and happen to come across into my blog and she wrote to me. I really glad that she pop in to my blog, we exchange email and i got a chance to know her and she work s. From the email i got to know that she the Winner of ‘Best Newcomer at Ireland’ Interior Design Awards 2008. I’m happy for her and wish her all the best and try to produce most outstanding interior design work.
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Lamps, framed prints, and accessories all come together to add variety and interest to your home furnishings. At My Favorite Things, we have a diverse collection of items to choose from - from traditional, to French Country, to eclectic. Whatever your personal style dictates, we'll help you select the home décor items that add a special touch to your home.

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Ethnic decor pieces can be found in all kinds of unexpected places. You’ll find them in specialty furnishing stores and on the web, but often some of the best treasures are from garage sales and thrift stores. Look for unique textures that catch the eye - woven, carved, or molded knick knacks will make a big statement, as will fabric that is embroidered, dyed, or sewn by hand. Some ethnic and ethnic-looking items are readily available at local shops across the United States, such as Mexican pottery, interesting baskets, or painted masks. Other items are more difficult to find. If you are traveling internationally, keep an eye out for beautiful items that might not be traditionally associated with decorating - a silk kimono from an Asian country, a woven hat from Central America, or wooden clogs from Europe - these can all be mounted on the wall or displayed on a shelf as a wonderful conversation piece about your adventure.

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We all love beautiful things. So, our homes must be the one of them, and therefore, the home décor is very important. Most of us enjoy making our homes more than a mere structure made up of four walls and a roof. Home decor styles range from a number of themes, designs, and materials. While planning your home decor project, you can either opt for the theme being implemented throughout the house or use one specific theme for a specific room. For example, a house was once designed in such a way that each room was decorated with the styles of the different countries the home owner had visited. All rooms included authentic art and furniture from each visited country.

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Three years ago, the owners of the building at 100 E. Jefferson St. granted a request from one of the tenants to expand. Easy Street, which previously occupied some of the building, moved a short distance south of the main downtown area to allow for its neighbor to grow its offices. The economy turned sour and the expansion never happened. The space was available again and the store returned, said co-owner Dana Reuter. “We like being downtown,” she said. “This building is better for us.” The extended space includes a solid steel cabinet, an old-style bartending set, a custom-made dollhouse and an entire wall covered with art from co-owner Maria Greene. “This is big, heavy,” Reuter said as she banged her knuckles against the steel cabinet. “It’ll last a lifetime.” She walked one slow lap around the store and randomly pointed to furniture, pottery, crystals, knickknacks and art pieces. There was a serving tray from the Netherlands, a statue from India, a brass and copper table from England, a crystal bird from France and a painting from Russia. Reuter will scrounge up her nose any time someone mentions the Pottery Barn or IKEA. “We get one-of-a-kind things from all over the world,” Reuter said. “We usually don’t deal with new stuff. That way, we make sure it’s one of a kind … Everybody has stuff made in China. We want (unique) stuff here.” Most of the items at the store are either on consignment or are bought at estate sales. Not all the pieces are still available for purchase. Easy Street has a layaway system. It also gives customers time to set pickup and delivery schedules. The store itself offers delivery for those who live a short distance away, Reuter said. The 3-foot high dollhouse had a sign on it that read, “Sorry, but I am sold and on my way to a loving home.” “We have a lot more coming in,” said Reuter of her business. “We have a huge area.” She wandered outside to her vehicle and pulled out a cane that was made in 1944. It was unusual because it had a fold-down seat. “You can see this just looks homemade,” Reuter said. “I love stuff like that, because you can’t find it anywhere else. I used to run a charity thrift store (in Land O’ Lakes), so I got to see a lot of strange stuff.” The Spring Hill Art League hosts a monthly wine reception at Easy Street. Wednesday’s gathering will be the first since the store moved to its current location. The event is open to the public and will run from 7 to 9 p.m. The store’s inventory is not only for those serious collectors or affluent shoppers. There is a $5 table at the front of the store and it is constantly being replenished. Reuter said there are at least 30 items sold a week from the table. “We get so many calls from people who say they want to get rid of stuff,” she said. “Some think they can get millions of dollars for something. Others don’t care. They just want to clean out their attics.” Either way, she gets a lot of enjoyment finding unique pieces of décor each and every week. She wants to make extra sure her customers like what they see and keep coming back. “Would you want to shop here?” she asked a couple of men outside her shop. “Wouldn’t you want to tell your friends about this place?

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