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A bare wall represents lost opportunity; like an unpolished gem or a lump of clay.

A true decorator sees wall decoration as prime real estate.
Inexpensive Wall Decorating Ideas
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What better way to adorn your home's enclosures than to decorate them with accessories and art that express your inner self?
Bedroom Wall Colors

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Home decoration ideas
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* Art Decor - Art decor gives a room depth and dimension, while adding color, style, and enhancing the mood or theme of the room. Here's how to do it.

* Christian Wall Decor - For some of us, religion plays an integral part in our lives. Here's how to make it an integral part of your home.

decorative wall picture frames wall picture frames
* Decorative Wall Stencils - Decorative wall stencils give you the opportunity to create a fabulous look for those dull walls. Here's how to make your walls speak with class and dignity.

* Grape Wall Decor - Grape wall decor is not just for wine lovers, but also for people who appreciate the beauty and fruity taste of grapes. Here's how to incorporate grape decor into your home.
White wall decoration ideas
wall decoration ideas
Home Office Decorating + Wall Decoration
* Mirrors, Mirrors, on Your Walls - Wall mirrors serve multiple purposes for home decor and are excellent for widening and heightening space.
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Kitchen Wall Colors - Wall Covers for Kitchens

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