What Color Is Comfort By Nicolette Toussaint

We believe interior designers are their best advertisement for themselves and their business of helping the public live in a home they deserve. We consistently encourage interior designers to get a blog and tell us about your projects, share with us the before and after pictures and the problems that were solved.

Here's an example of a designer, not local however, who posts an excellent piece about color and comfort. Nicolette Toussaint owns Comfort & Joy Interior Design in San Francisco, CA and here's what she shared:
In this post, (What Color Is Comfort) I will talk about the emotional impact of color – about what colors make us comfortable in what circumstances – and also about how color influences our perception of space and place. Most of my recent design jobs here in San Francisco have been color consultations, and this post will share some of those experiences. At the end, you should have a pretty good idea of what the color of comfort might be for you.
It's a long post, but filled with tons of worthwhile information.

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