Shopping Decorative Accents for Your Home's Interior Design

In this time, I will introduce you the Wall Pops for your Home Interior Design. Its really easy, new way to wake up your walls! These colorful, peel-and-stick graphic elements are totally repositionable and removable, and won't leave sticky residue on the wall. Choose from a 5-pack of circles, a 5-pack of squares or a wall border to mix or match. Pssst, you can get it easily in

About Wall Pops, you can easily cut them to the desired size and shape with scissors to fit the space or express your creativity. Its really perfect idea to make your interior design more modern and up to date!
  • Vinyl on paper with adhesive backing.
  • Available color/pattern: (35) Totally Orange, (52) Purple Perk, (73) Stylin' Green,
    (69) Rainy Day Navy, (42) Bubble Gum Pink, (04) Lots of Dots Pink, (06) Lots of Dots Blue,
    (05) Ribbon Candy Purple, (03) Go Retro Pink or (13) Go Retro Orange
  • Wipe-clean
  • USA

You can get easy the Wall Pops in this shop, not only that special edition of interior design, in, you can find about 272,490 matches of many decorative accents, waw...and its really easy, because you can shop online from your home directly.

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